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2015 Moon Phase Schedule
Description: Our 2015 Moon Phase Schedule includes the four main quarter phases of the moon; the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Third Quarter. Each event includes the exact time the phase will occur, pre- and post-phase information, and the rare events when the full moon is considered a “Blue Moon”. A link to our lunar information page is also included with every event.

Click Here to view a Moon Phase sample

We also include all solar and lunar eclipses occurring during the year. Each eclipse event includes the time the eclipse begins, the time the eclipse reaches its maximum, and the geographical location where the eclipse will be visible. There is also a link to our eclipse information page where you can read more information about the eclipse.

Click Here to view an Eclipse sample

These schedules are formatted for specific time zones. By supporting individual time zones, our information is more accurate than what is shown on a typical wall calendar. For example, a Full Moon occurring at 1:30 AM EST in New York would occur one day earlier at 10:30 PM PST in Los Angeles. Our schedules reflect this variance.

File Format: PST (compatible with all Windows versions of Microsoft Outlook)

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